Cape Cod Jewelry

The collection includes an array of not only their signature ball bracelets but necklaces, collars, rings, earrings, pins and anklets all available in two toned, all 14 k gold and all sterling silver styles. The ball in the collection is solid with a shiny finish in many of the above styles.

Our most popular two toned and all sterling bangle style bracelets come with many “Cape Cod symbols” as the clasp to the bracelet as well as many additional popular symbols that you can choose from. This bracelet collection also has selections that are enhanced with diamonds in the 14 k gold symbols.

We also carry the Convertible Collection which allows you to match your mood with your outfit with endless choices of nautical, cape, holiday and more, charm centers. These charms are available in 14 k gold or sterling silver to create the bracelet you desire. All the Cape Cod Jewelry collections come in sizes to fit you perfectly.